Reliably Redirecting With HTML

When redesigning my website and re-writing my static site generator Posty, I wanted to refactor the URLs for my blog posts but not leave anyone hanging when they had an old URL bookmarked. Since my website could be hosted somewhere that I don't have control over the webserver config, I had to figure out how to do this with HTML.

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New Website (Again!)

Yes, it's that time of year. Time to change my website design yet again!

I got tired of dealing with Wordpress and wrote my own static page generator in Python, dubbed Posty. I know, I'm kind of re-inventing the wheel here and there are some really nice solutions to this problem, but why not just make something for making's sake?

Plus, I just feel cool using Markdown and YAML to update my website.

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Beertraq Beta!

I'm glad to announce that my recent pet project, Beertraq, is now in a (somewhat closed) beta stage! The basic idea is there and functioning, but the extra functionality isn't done and it's far from polished. Nonetheless, it's time to take her for a test drive!

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