Here's a Linux utility that I recently learned about: Anacron

Simliar to cron, it runs tasks on a periodic basis, but it will ensure the task runs when the computer is on.

My use case is that I want my backup repository integrity check to run once a week on my laptop, but when a cron @weekly task is going fire (midnight on Sunday) my laptop's going to be turned off. Anacron to the rescue!

So what I did is set up an anacron task to run my backup check script once a week, and then set up cron to run anacron every 10 minutes:

*/10 * * * *  /usr/sbin/anacron -s -t $HOME/.anacron/tab -S $HOME/.anacron/spool

And here's what my anacrontab looks like:


# period  delay  job-id  command
# # (days)  (min)
7 0 backup-check  $HOME/bin/backup.check
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Visualizing Web Design Evolution Using Git

My website here, as of the time of writing this, is still based on a design I made back in 2010, and is rendered using my static site generator that I haven't touched in nearly as long. The site's served its purpose pretty well, but it's kind of a mess; It's unreadable on mobile devices, the CSS causes some weird inconsistencies, and the static site generator is no where near my current standards. So since this is a personal project I have the liberty of throwing it all in the trash and starting over (and learning new things along the way!).

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